My Vision

I have a vision of seeing Australia governed by people who act for the good of all Australians, with transparency, honesty, integrity and accountability.

For those we elect to actually have as their primary goal the good of all Australians, our prosperity, our health, our community, our environment, our future and our peace.

The parties have failed us

Political parties are fine if they maintain the goal of working together for the good of all Australians, and do this with integrity and honestly. Our parties have failed to do this, they have failed us.

They have failed our environment – our air, land, rivers and seas are suffering. They have failed to hold the the big corporations accountable, ensuring they do not profit by exploiting ordinary Australians, and making them contribute in tax in accordance with their profits – to benefit all Australians. The banks being the current example. They have failed to care for the needy by ensuring living wages and pensions.

The parties have lost integrity and trust

Not only have they lost the goal of working together for the good of all Australians, but they have lost all integrity as well. 

Some behave worse than our Australian cricket team. Not only are they prepared to lie and cheat, but they have lost what the goal of the team was meant to be. They primarily care for their future and being picked in the team for the next series. They are even prepared to fight and attack each other in their pursuit of power. They have forgotten it is their primary duty to represent the interests of all Australians. 

At present even when the parties have good sounding policies when they get into power the policies are only implemented according to how they will help with staying in power. 

Most elected representatives are decent, capable people. They are not the problem. I have come to see that the main problem is the controlling nature of the party system.

The parties just want power

When parties get elected to government their main goal is to stay in power. This shapes their policy and its implementation.

Take for example the recent Emergency Medical bill to get the very sick off Manus and Nauru for treatment. They may be personally concerned about the harm that has been, and is continuing to be done, to those we have taken off-shore, but if it is seen that there are votes in raising fears then that becomes the focus. This is exactly what both major parties have done, for decades.

Our current leaders often denigrate refugees and asylum seekers. They attack their character – as a whole group. These people have come to Australia asking for help from persecution in their homeland. In fact it is they, while in Australia’s care, that have been abused, raped and murdered.

I know personally several people taken to Manus, and some of the families who have arrived from Nauru. I have found them to be people of good character. People I am privileged to know and count as friends. And of whom I would welcome as neighbours. We need policies based on facts, not fear.

The parties control their members

An illuminating example of this sick system was Pauline Hanson’s “It is ok to be white” motion. What is illuminating is not that all, every single one, of the LNP senators voted for it, and not that all, every single one, voted against it. What is illuminating is that they did both on consecutive days!

What this clearly shows is how much they are controlled by the party. The party says vote ‘yes’ and they vote ‘yes’, the party says vote ‘no’ and they vote ‘no’.

There is an alternative – A person not a party

Politicians completely controlled by a party focused on gaining and keeping power. 
Is this the best Australia can do?
Surely we can do better. Let’s choose a better way.

Vote for a true independent who can be your genuine representative in parliament. 

Vote 1 Trevor Jones – Independent for Boothby